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6 Men's Fashion Trends For 2018

6 Men's Fashion Trends For 2018

2018 is here! Happy New Year from OHT! 

Soooo we saw how fast 2017 flew by right?? Well... we want to make sure you guys are prepared for what to wear this Spring season, as we know it will be here before you know it. Maybe you've got a photoshoot coming up and you want to know what's in; or maybe you just want to meet up with some friends to go out to eat. Regardless of the occasion, we want to make sure you leave this blog with your fashion cap forward.

When February begins, all the fashion kids know it's time for Mens fashion week and OF COURSE we are back to learning the latest trends for the upcoming season. From ditsy florals to modern camo, we want you guys to check out these 6 trends that we are looking to look forward to!


1. Porportion Play

We love unexpected proportions. This look brings a fresh outlook into menswear, which gives you more of a reason to buy.  When it comes to wearing wide legged pants, or a relaxed classic button up, take control of the oversized and loose silhouettes as you enter this season in style.


2. Spring Layering

We all know that layering is seasonless--that'll never change. However this season puts a new twist on Spring layering as we look into styling cues such as short-sleeve over long sleeve, or even hoodies under t-shirts. Take a look at your favorite 90's boy group. Study the fashion. Oh yes, these updated layering techniques take a vintage turn into the past.


3. Utility Workwear

As we look into the SS18 Runways, those shows assure us that wearing a patch is actually a good thing when it's not over your eye. This season it's time we dig deep into workwear, and snatch all the utilitarian details to create a dress/casual trend.


4. Color Blocking

Color blocking is no stranger to the Spring seasons as we've seen this continuous trend before. It's all about making a bring impact! It's time to stand out amongst your peers when it come to the bright hues of your apparel. We want you guys to revisit this trend with bold shapes & asymmertrical stripes; this is what takes color blocking to the next level.


5. Good Sport

No one ever wants to lose in a game, no matter what sport it is. Well in fashion, we are always winners as we bring an athleisure twist to the streets. Now we know athleisure wear isn't anything new, however this season we want you guys to get into Sport layers. looking into styling cues like pairing hoodies & graphics tee's with full suits, or certain items track pants & mock necks.  Whether it's wearing full athletic wear, or sporty pieces paired back to a tailored look, when it comes to your wardrobe we want to make sure your head is in the game.


6. Mixed Patterns

Clash of Patterns becomes the next big thing on the screen, & in the runways as we dive into playing with different prints.One note we want you guys to take away with is when it comes to pattern mixing, we suggest you study your dominant hues. Great styling takes effect when small vertical stripes are paired with bold floral prints. This season is the time where you can have fun with your wardrobe as you make an abnormal print work in the right way; with another print of course!


We want to make sure we share with you guys some of the key
prints & items that will be in this Spring 2018 season. Once we give
you guys the scoop, Dig down in your closet or head to the nearest
store, as we know Spring will be here in no time!

Ditsy Florals
Pajama Shirting
Band Tees & Logos
Vertical Stripes
Statement bomber
Denim x Denim
Statement Sweatshirt
Dark Tropicals

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