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Pajamas in Public: The Sleepless Trend That's Here to Stay

Pajamas in Public: The Sleepless Trend That's Here to Stay

This season comfortability is KEY! As we've grown to love the athleisure trend it is only right that we continue keeping things relaxed with pajama inspired clothing. Wearing pajamas outside the bedroom may seem uncomfortable to some (which is understandable), but with correct styling cues, the pajama trend can make you look like you're not just rolling out of bed into the streets. 

There are different ways to draw attention with a pajama inspired look. Here are some ways to not only catch z's with these looks but catch eyes when out & about !! 



1. Pajama Co-ord Matching Set

My number one FAVORITE pajama inspired look is the pajama co-ord matching set. Its always good to know that when wearing printed co-ords you make sure to pick out the right set that fits your body. As always, if you want to finish your look with added touches we suggest that  for guys to layer it with an outer-layer piece and for women to add a corset belt and top it off with some fun heels that can take your look to the next level !


 2. Slip Dresses 

Slip dresses are so fun to wear for women this season especially when it comes to layering your favorite band tee underneath paired with sneakers to create a casual modernistic look. Slip dresses are definitely one of those pieces that can turn into a day-to-night look. 


3. Silk Robes

Aside from all other classic jackets, the silk robe is a great outerlayer piece that creates a sleek, sexy look with its low neckline. Whether pairing it with jeans for polished casual look or a over a slip dress to keep it of-the-moment, this item is the way to go this season !



4. Trousers or Shirts

Wearing either the trousers or the shirts as separates creates an addition to your everyday wardrobe that brings attention. This elevates your look and quite frankly anyone can pull this off with the appropriate styling cues!


So what do you think about the trendy sleepwear look for this season?

Would you consider this "a look"? Leave us your comments below. Like, Comment, Share! 

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