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5 Men's Style Trends For 2017

5 Men's Style Trends For 2017


Some fashion trends come, some fashion trends go, and some fashion trends just refuse to die. Being fashion and style enthusiasts we like to stay ahead of the game. As fashion trends emerge and evolve depending on variety of factors including film, art, street style, what’s on the runway, and socio-political movements we like to make sure we pay attention to what’s going on around us to ensure that we’re not “left behind!”

By researching fashion houses and studying what’s on the runway, we’ve discovered what trends are taking place this 2017 aaaaand we thought it would be such a great idea to share with you all what’s trending to make certain that you guys are in the loop. Here are a list of 5 MEN'S STYLE TRENDS FOR 2017 we think that will gear you in the right direction this year. 


1.     Dad Hats/Caps

Surprisingly dad hats are a trend that won’t die. What are “Dad Hats” you ask? Dad hats, originally known as “baseball caps,” are the rounded caps that fits close to the head, has a long visor, and adjustable straps in the back. Typically, a hat you’d would see your dad wear.

Most dad hats usually have the name or emblem of a sports team but brands and designers have taken over the hat and made quite a bit of an elevation. Dad Hats are affordable and easy to style. Whether your dressing it up or dressing down, this head gear is definitely a keeper.  Celebs like Kayne West, Chris Brown, Ben Affleck to even former President Barack Obama still rocks the stylish trend appeal of “dad hats.” Lets just say that this trend will be around for a while.


2. Tucked-in 

For the longest we’ve been anticipating this trend to come into play for men. Tucking in your shirt all the way around instantly pulls together an ensemble for a clean, professional, and elevated look. Recently, tucking has retaliated in ever more wild & complex ways and what’s even better that this styling cue has become a versatile trend that offers tons of ways just to tuck a simple shirt, sweater, or hoodie. Fashion houses like Ralph Lauren, Versace, and Louis Vuitton have dominated the runways with sophisticated tucked-in looks that catches the eye.

2017 trneds.002.jpeg


3. Puffer Jackets/Coats

2016 introduced the year of the bombers and has even bummed rushed its way into the new year of 2017. But Lately, there’s a new fad that is sweeping the runways and has now become fashion’s newest Trend, The Puffer Jackets. Puffer Jackets are no longer just a winter season look but has now became a year round outer wear. Puffer jackets have a signature quilted design with sections that are "puffy" between the stitching. Raf Simmons and Balenciaga has showed us how to rock this newest trend for such an effortless look.

4. Athleisure/Athletic Wear

So when its time to go workout and you have on your athletic gear, you only imagine yourself in one place…the gym. Now-a-days wearing your athleticwear all day is more than acceptable. To us It’s so great to see big fashion brands taking athleisure wear to a whole new level outside of the gym and making it an everyday look. The tracksuits and tracksuit tops have become more of a trend than ever this year and has been featured in runway shows for Burberry. This 90's inspired cool and comfortable look is here to stay and one that will continue to repeat itself in fashion.  

and Last but not least is... 

5. Denim Layering

As we stated in our 10 essentials for men, denim jackets are a necessity to have apart of your stylish wardrobe. Well it gets even better! This 2017 layering your denim jacket is now the talk of the town. Many of us are afraid to layer clothes for fear of looking bigger and bulkier than we actually are, while this may be true, if you've mastered the art of layering then you're able to pull off this bomb ass look. 

So If your looking to stay stylish for the year and be ahead of your peers make sure you follow 1, if not all,  of these 5 fashion trends for 2017. Let us know what you think about these trends and if you have any trends that you think should have been apart of the list let us know and COMMENT your thoughts. If you loved this post and agree with these trends make sure you SHARE BELOW :) Thanks Guys!

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