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Ken Laurence Season 12 & All Stars Season 5 Finalist - Interview

Harris Twins: Ken, we just want to say that we're a fan of your work and we're so ecstatic  to  be having a conversation with you about yourself and your experience on Project Runway.

Ken: Thank you guys for reaching out and having me. I love helping others as much as possible and I love my JH twins.

Harris Twins: AWHHH! (Twins say in unison) Thanks, we appreciate it! So Ken how long have you been a fashion designer?

Ken: I've been a designing clothes for 18 years, half of my life due to the fact that I am only 28 years old. However, in 2007 I actually took my craft and began promoting myself as a "fashion designer". So, I have been a “working” designer for 10 years, now!

Harris Twins: So what would you say inspired you?

Ken: That's a hard question. At the time all my friends wanted to be doctors, lawyers and etc... I feel like God positioned me to discover my gift at an early age. I always tell people, "Fashion called my name as a child and I asked!”





Harris Twins: So Ken, tell us -- How was the actual experience of being on the show?

Ken: My experience on Project Runway All Stars season 5 was amazing! But, Project Runway season 12 was hell on earth; prisoners have more freedom than we did!

Harris Twins: Funny you say that! Tell us, what is a typical day like for a Project Runway Contestant?

Ken: So a typical day for a Project Runway contestant normally starts around 4:00am to 5:00 am, depending if where we would be filming that morning. We travel to the location to receive the challenge reveal. Once we discover what the challenge will be, off to Mood Fabrics! After 30 minutes of fabric and material shopping at Mood; we’re off to the workroom to began the design process. While working in the workroom, we are pulled out to conduct a 15 minutes interview. Then we spend the remaining of the day stressed and trying to complete our garments in a timely fashion.

Harris Twins: Did you guys have time to breathe? Haha (Twins Laugh in Unison) -- Seems as though you guys didn't get any sleep time.  

Ken: No, Not at all! We would wake up around 4:00am to 5:00 am and wrap our days up at 12:00pm. That's if we go to sleep as soon as you get back to our hotel rooms. But the next day is normally runway day. Those days we’re very short,we would wrap up around 6:00pm or 7;00pm. So, it all seemed to balance out at the end. HAHA

Harris Twins: That's the "magical day" filled with anxiety and stress.

Ken: Exactly!

"But, Project Runway season 12 was hell on earth; prisoners have more freedom than we did!" 

Harris Twins: OH-EM-GEE so one of the things we anticipate the most with each episode is finding out what challenges you guys have to conquer for the week and if it's a challenge that will make or break you as a designer. What would you say was your favorite challenge ?

Ken: My favorite challenges were from All Stars. It was the avant-garde and the couture challenge. I won both of those challenges by the way! Those challenges allowed me to be push at my full potential. It also allowed me to think creatively within the time constraints given.  

Harris Twins: So Ken, In watching you first on season 12,  growing and growing each week as a designer just to not make it until the end was quite devastating for us being that you were our favorite. But when we heard you were coming back for All Star Season 5 we were uber excited that you get yet another chance to prove to the judges, the viewers, your fans, HECK even yourself the type of all-around designer you are to be. Tell us, how was it to come back for a second go round as an All Star?

Ken: To be honest, I had a feeling I would get a call back for the All Stars season because after Project Runway season 12, TV producers from all over fell in love with my personality at the time! I received several TV opportunities from different networks after that, but I declined them all because at the time I really needed to redeem myself, first as a person and second as a fashion designer.

Harris Twins: What was the feeling when you got the call?

Ken: During the casting of Project Runway season 13, I was contacted by Lifetime producers about possibly coming back to compete for this season at viewers choice. So, when I received the call to participate in All Stars season 5, I was filled with joy and excited! I realized that I grew as a fashion designer, but I have grew as a person as well and the world needed to see it for themselves.

"I really needed to redeem myself,


first as a person


and second as a fashion designer." 

Harris Twins: What is life like now since you’ve been on the show?

Ken: After recording both shows, I try to remain very humble and transparent as much as possible -- that’s very important to me! But, I would say that life after the shows is definitely different! I often find myself on my best behavior because people recognize me that I don’t know and the clientele / opportunities has be mind blowing!

Harris Twins: So would you say that project  runway opened doors for you?

Ken: Project Runway has opened doors! (laughs a little)

Harris Twins: Project Runway sounds like it was a life changing experience for you and it all happens so fast. If you could do it all over again what would you do differently?

Ken: I wouldn’t say it was “life changing” but it has opened doors! If I could do something over again, I would change my attitude and controlled my temper on season 12.

Harris Twins: Why do you say that?

Ken: There were times on the show when I felt unworthy; like I wasn’t good enough to be there. Being a self-taught fashion designer in a room filled with people that had degrees your field, is very intimidating! My temper came from an insecure place! I was afraid that I would fail before really even trying. I realized that sometimes, God's favor puts us in places that we don’t feel worthy to be and others may feel the same way.  But, when you have a dream and a passion, you must always prepare for moments as such and take the ground running!

Harris Twins: That's right and we're glad you stuck true to who are are and that you never gave up. So biggest question of them all and I know your fans are dying to know, What’s in the future for KEN LAURENCE?

Ken: This is always a hard question for me to answer because I'm such a private person! I believe when the wrong people know your every move, they can plot against you to prosper.  But, what I can say is that Ken Laurence will be back in your living rooms very soon and I am actually working on a few projects that I would not like to disclose. I just want to drop them like Beyonce's visual albums! HAHA

Harris Twins : Hello! Hit em unexpectedly! Haha -- That's exciting though Ken and we're definitely going to watch out for you in the future. We thank you so much for having this little heart to heart with us and giving us all the scoop about your experience on Project Runway.

Ken: Ah, anytime twins!