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Our First Facials

GUYS! Lets jump right in and talk about the significance of skin care. We all know we aren't getting any younger, and as we age it's only important that we take care of our skin to keep our complexion looking as youthful as possible. Just keeping it real with you guys, we have been SLACKING when it comes to daily skin care. With that being said we took time this past week to get back on track! Soooo this week we decided to get facials for the first time. We’ve always been curious about facials, but never took the quality time to actually get it done. We search online for a grooming spa, and came across the perfect spot in Washington, DC. We met with certified esthetician Sherrod Vincente of "The Groomed SKIN"


Not knowing what to expect, Sherrod made us feel very comfortable about the experience. As we entered we were offered some water, juice, or wine. While sipping wine that we weren't going to pass up on, we began to fill out a form (general info). Next we laid across a warm heating pad & started the treatment! We were educated on our skin, the equipment, and all the the products that were used to in the process. 


Sherrod stressed to us about the importance of the skin and how well and how often we need to take care of it. We asked what type of products we SHOULD NOT use for our skin and he stated that brands such as “Clean & Clear” and “Neutrogena” are not really beneficial for our skin because these brands contain Isopropyl alcohol. Isopropyl alcohol, also known as isopropanol, is a harmful and unnecessary ingredient used in many skin care products. Not only does it have no nourishing qualities, it can lead to dry, flaky skin and actually exacerbate acne. 


Sherrod also explained to us that the best products for our skin are the more organic, au naturale products that can be found in places like whole foods stores. As we were finishing up with the facials, we started to ask questions from a business standpoint. We became so fascinated with his entrupuneural expertise that we had to know MORE! As future entrupenuers we love hearing stories from others. We feel it's so important for us to gain as much knowledge as we can to help us be better business men. One thing that stood out to us was the fact that Sherrod was able to step out on faith to start his business. We understood how hard that can be but admired the fact that he did. So as we enjoyed our facials and took home some advice, we left "Groomed SKIN" feeling even more empowered than before.

The overall experience was amazing! It was perfect that for our first time receiving facials we got to experience it with someone so professional and knowledgeable. If you're ever in the area we would definitely recommend "Groomed SKIN" to be your number one choice! Thanks Sherrod !!!

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 Items that were used during the facial treatment:  

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Sherrod Vincente

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