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Okay guys so we CANNOT walk out the house without an aroma that complements our style! Its like putting a cherry on top of your favorite ice cream. On Instagram we asked you guys what are your favorite designer fragrances + we can't WAIT to try those.

Until then let us share with you our top 6 that we just can't get enough of (no specific order) ! 


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Yves Saint Laurent L'Homme is a fave for us because it has a luxurious woods scent smell. It features notes of sandalwood, cedar, vetiver and violet which is great for a night on the town. 



Casual Chic

Gentlemen Only Casual Chic is a new one we just got. We like it because it has a fresh woody and spicy fragrance. It gives us seductive and elegance. This aroma is definitely designed for a relaxed, charming and witty man of style. 




Luna Rossa Eau De Toilette Spray

So we would have to say this is our #1 favorite. Our causal day-to-day scent. Prada Sport is an attractive fragrance with sweet-heat characteristics that goes well before a nice workout session or for a casual wear . This fragrance is designed with such a tension between man & machine with its sweet smells paired with the explosive heat & spiciness ! 



4.) Paco Rabanne - 1 MILLION

With wearing 1 Million , its all about having fun & being extravagant! The type of man described wearing this fragrance is described as someone who draws a lot of envious people. A king, & a person who lives there life as he plays poker. Made with exhilarating splash of a sea-fresh accord and a citrus cocktail, contrasts with the warm and masculine sensuality of spicy Leather mixed with a Patchouli note, a man wearing this fragrance will endure the jealous glances with pride!


5.) DOLCE & GABBANA the one

Dolce & Gabana the one is for that Confident, refined, sexy man. We like to think that this man loves taking care of himself with his warm, charismatic & seductive attitude. This fragrance has BOLD  personality and a contrasting golden sweetness.


6.) JO MALONE white Jasmine & mint 

This fragrance is also a favorite to ours due to its sweet classy odor of Jasmine, lily, & orange blossoms. This eccentric fragrance gives and expected twist of softness & sensuality that gathers you up in the morning with a breezy touch. 


Studies show that 85% of Men are more attractive when they have a scent of cologne on them. So remember guys you are NEVER fully dressed without cologne.

Comment below and tell us whats your favorite!

Back to Black, Jack Black That Is...

Back to Black, Jack Black That Is...